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The design, planning and implementation of one of the biggest BMX events worldwide, the BMX Masters, was characterized more than virtually any other event series by the homogeneous integration of sponsors and sports men and women.

The inveterate fan community, which was comparable with that of an established music festival in terms of age structure and cultural orientation, drew an audience from all areas of the subculture across the range of sports. This combination made the BMX Masters one of the biggest and most important BMX freestyle events internationally.

Sponsors like Adidas, Carhartt, Braun, Suzuki, Rockstar Energy, Red Bull, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Eastpak, Ogio or Afri Cola found the ideal platform in the BMX Masters for the positioning of their brand message in a way that is precisely tailored to the target group and ensures a broad reach.

Our task was both the planning and organization, as well as the execution of the event and the design and implementation of the marketing strategy.


Robert Möller - Vertikom Activation

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Managing Director

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